MinionPro Microtype Config for XeTeX

Protrusion in XeTeXJust recently MacTeX 2010 was released. It includes the new XeTeX, capable of doing microtypography. With an early version of modded microtype package it is possible to use microtype character protrusion in XeTeX. However, I could not find a suitable config for MinionPro. The MinionPro support files provide a microtype config for pdfLaTeX, but it does not work out of the box for XeTeX.

Hence, I modded the latter file to work with XeTeX. It is not perfect, as some glyphs, e.g., ffi ligature, seem to have wrong code. But it works for me, and it is definitely a base to start off. So, grab here the MinionPro microtype config. The picture to the right was produced with it.

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